Naughty naughty: chocolate brownies

On Monday morning I was woken up at 7 with "Mummy, we really have to bake some brownies today. Loony Tunes said they were really tasty. We need to try it".

And so we baked these very rich, very decadent chocolate brownies that melt in your mouth.  Try this recipe. I prefer milk to dark chocolate so I subsituted the dark for milk and used the dark chocolate only for the chips.

The verdict has ranged from "OMG!" to "Out of this world". Try it :)


  1. Very smart to use milk chocolate : opposite to what most people say, milk chocolate is the kind of chocolate that has the lowest rate of fats. Now, here's the froggie baker's statement : I personnally find milk chocolate inappropriate to "full-chocolate" pastries such as brownies. I find them less tasty with milk chocolate, and this chocolate is also less easy to cook than dark one - especially when you have to mix it when liquid, it tends to cure faster, which can lead to some issues on recipes like making little chocolates. For brownie, I suggest dark chocolate with high cocoa rate (70% is the best ratio). Don't worry about bitterness : it'll be gone because of sugar added to the mixture. 70% will guarantee chocolate taste after baking. With milk chocolate, I find the result very much less tasty. If you ever find bitterness using dark chocolate, you should add more sugar, or other sweet ingredients (depending on the kind of brownie you make). Sometimes additionnal ingredients such as almonds instead of nuts, can allow you to reduce the quantity of sugar, and get rid of dark chocoalte bitterness. But anyway, eventually it's just a matter of personnal taste and your brownies look deliciouuuuuus!!!! :)))


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