Tour de Bretagne

We just got back from our clan holiday in Brittany, North West France - a beautiful and friendly Celtic nation. Some flew, others sailed across Mor Breizh and one intrepid knight journeyed 1000 miles by horsepower (thank you Mercedes Benz).

The weather was perfect - hot and dry (which after 3 months of continuous British rain was even more magical) and the countryside and coast was breathtaking. I have loads of splendid photographs to share with you on Monday but in the meantime let me show you the goodies I brought back.
Edible delights
A classic blue and white French enamel sign for my garden gate. Isn't it so cute for our "trois velos"? All the rest are delicious treats - 1) gorgeous Breton galettes which taste so buttery and delicious. They have such a nice design as well. 2) Saucisson for breakfast 3) vanilla sugar (which I find difficult to find here in my hometown) for baking, 4) a six pack of Jean Paul Gaultier coke's. Tres chic n'est pas?  And lastly 4) a patissier baking pack.

I just know I will be eating à la française for weeks to come. Don't you feel energised whenever you visit a new country? I want to try and recreate and create new dishes from the things I've tried whilst on holiday.

Vanilla sugar for baking

Coke with style - Jean Paul Gaultier limited edition cans.


  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip! Le sucre vanillé Alsa is a must-have for baking. It's the one I use. If you ever run out of the packs you brought back home and need some, just let me know and I'll send you some.

    About biscuits, Saint-Michel is one of the best brands for galettes, palets, sablés bretons. These treats are dealt everywhere here. And by the way, there's the flan pâtissier recipe in my main pastry book - but haven't tried it yet!

    I like the vélo sign, so cool and cute! It's the typical design for signs of streets and public places in France. And now you've got a mini French dictionnary, you should practice and be able to speak a few words now, n'est-ce pas? ;)


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