Arty stuff

It started by accident in Edinburgh. We had finished gazing at all the showy portraits in the National Gallery and were now ready to take on the trinkets and baubles in the gallery gift shop. Then one particular greetings card caught my eye and that's *dooshh* that was how I was introduced to the work of English artist, Mark Hearld.

Hearld finds his inspiration from the flora and fauna of the British countryside and works with a wide range of media - paint, ceramics, textiles and print. I'm excited to learn that there will be an exhibition of his work at YSP from 17th November 2012 to 17th February 2013.

"Pick your own"

Pisanello's Hare

Hearld's home and studio

"Red squirrels" now framed in oak and gracing a small space on my kitchen wall


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