Exercise and motivation

Admit it, sometimes you just can't get off that sofa and exercise. You know you should, you know it would make you feel better afterwards but really.. you should rearrange your underwear drawer, watch this interesting tv show, and wash the dishes.
What gets you off the sofa, or out bed and into trainers?
These are a few things that do and don't work for me. And cor blimey, I really didn't want to go out today I tell you!
Exhibit 1 : motivational photographs of awesome abdominals and girls with 2m long legs and big boobs. Sorry, my stomach will never EVER look anything resembling this.
Motivational rating : 0
 Exhibit 2 : Looking at pictures of healthy fruit and vegetables. Yep, they look good but I am a chocoholic and I have the willpower of a... (can't think of anything with weaker willpower.. sorry)
 Exhibit 3: Hahahaa
What really works for me
Exhibit 4 : This is so easy..and I guarantee 100% it works. Tell yourself "Look, all I have to go out for is 15 minutes. If I hate it, feel awful, then I'll turn around and come home".
Yep, simple as that.
And guess what? Not once has anyone EVER turned round at the end of 15 minutes and come home.  Try it :)

Exhibit 5 : Download some good music and strap on your ipod.

Exhibit 6 : Kit, Kit and more Kit.
Look at nice lycra clothes, buy nice lycra clothing and leave it hanging around your bedroom. Ditto with running shoes.


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