Oscars fashion

The best day of the year for the world's most gorgeous dresses and fine jewels.  These are my absolute favourites in categories (Well, I am a librarian)

Best dressed 20's
Emma Watson in metallic
Dark nails and rings galore
Star hair pins 
Best dressed 30's

Camila Alves (Mrs McConaughey) looking regal in blush pink. What a beautiful woman.
Best dressed 40's
I have a tie break here as this category is incredibly difficult to choose. Women just look amazing in beautiful dresses when they reach the age of 40. Really.
Sandra Bullock in midnight blue. Adore the draping detail.

Best actress Cate Blanchett who never makes a fashion mistake
Nude make up and dress

Best dressed 50's 
Calista Flockhart. OK she is 49.
Best dressed 60's
I think Glenn Close rocks the Dowager Empress look in black. Its severe yes, but your hair and face are radiant. 
Best dressed man
Michael Fassbender in Burberry. The shawl collar is pure old Hollywood and the beard is a touch wild, non? 


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