Out for a bite : Del Verde

Fusilli with smoked haddock and leek, topped with a goats cheese
Salad fillet with a black and green tapenade

Ally's 30 second review : 

  • Cuisine : Mediterranean. (love garlic, love fish, love pasta)
  • Interior style: Suburban all the way. 5/10
  • Food: Excellent, and very difficult to choose something from the menu. I couldn't decide between 4 dishes. 9/10
  • Service: Attentive and polite 9/10

On the grounds of Roundhay Golf course the restaurant looks quite unassuming from the outside. The interior is modern if a touch on the bland side. But, we are not here for the decor.

We nibbled on warm-from-the-oven bread with aioli and olives while we studied the menu.  Del Verde certainly didn't disappoint. Our dishes were delicious and cooked and presented lovely.

Tip: Straight-after-work dinner and then a  romantic early evening walk around Roundhay park? How healthy!


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