Classical Fantasia at Kirkstall Abbey

How is your weekend going?
I just got back from a magical evening of classical music and fireworks set in the ruins of a 12th century Abbey.

Though the weather forecast promised rain for most of the afternoon we decided the weather wasn't going to stop us.

I was very excited to see/hear classical superstars Noah Stewart and  Laura Wright  whose voices gave me goosebumps. An almost perfect evening, and the rain stopped just as we unfolded our chairs!

Have wellies, will do outdoor events :)
Weather forecast for today
Our picnic : turkey and cranberry sandwiches, quiche lorraine, pork pies, chicken and mustard pasta salad, scones with cream and strawberry jam, chocolate brownies, a flask of coffee and a bottle of something..

Finding a good spot to sit down while there was still some daylight
Wonderful fireworks display
The beautiful voice of soprano Laura Wright

Noah Stewart
Manchester Camerata chamber orchestra


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