My Japan trip : Classic Japan

Would you like to see some of my photos from Japan? It has been a long time dream of mine to visit this beautiful country. I adore all of it - the history, the culture, the kawai, the modern, the manga and the modern. It has been the best birthday ever.

Traditional footwear - Geta

Fushimi Inari-taisha

Kitsune - the fox deity. At the Shinto shrine, Fushimi Inari

Ema - wooden plaques which you can write down your prayers and wishes before being ceremonially burned.

Shrine Sake in huge barrels.

Gorgeous Japanese home

Giant carp streamer traditionally flown on Children's Day. If you have boys you fly this outside your home. I bought a mini one for my home and my 2 precious boys.

An invite to a tea ceremony. A wonderful opportunity!

This exquisite sweet cake was served alongside the tea
Place cup on palm, turn three times so the hana is infront of you.

Nikko - one of the Japan's most beautiful bridges
the white horse (donated by the people of New Zealand)  at the sacred stable, Nikko Toshogu Shrine

I adore the beautiful wooden architecture

A sea of green

Nothing is really natural - trees receiving makeovers.

Another beautiful garden, Nijo Castle, Kyoto


The island of Miyajima
Once a year the city of Kyoto hosts a parade of historical characters - the Jidai Matsuri

I want to read up on this lady - the samurai lady who went into battle with her husband.

A begging monk

The famous golden pavilion at Kinkaku-ji

Sea of Japan
Kamakura - the Great Buddha has endured countless tsunamis, earthquakes, wars, and typhoons.

A wedding 

Tokyo - the new and old 

It was so lovely to see ladies wearing kimono. This picture was taken in Tokyo.


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