Coffee time contemplations and New Year's Resolutions

I'm sitting here on New Year's Eve, drinking coffee at my kitchen table. I'm thinking back to the events of the past year and also looking forward to the next.

This is my definitive list of 2010 resolutions

-Learn to save up before buying something new.
-Be able to hold a fairly decent conversation in German.
-Take at least one photograph a day.
-Go to a gig, theatre, or eat in a new restaurant once a month.
-Run a 10k race in less than 50 minutes.
-Read more.
-Seriously work hard at being calm and patient with my boys.
-Cook one new recipe every week.
-Long distance cycle-ride (Hadrian's Wall NCN72).
-Fill my house with plants (and keep them alive).
-Finally finish decorating my stairs and landing.


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