A peek

{my comfy chair with lots of cushions and my favourite shoes}

Are you like me? Ever since I can remember I have liked to look at people's houses, to see how they live. I can't stop myself from looking through household windows on the bus journey home from work. And I just love to see what you have on your bookcases at home.

So, in the interest of fairness I am offering a peek into my private space, my bedroom.

{my tiny fireplace}
{my dressing table with my favourite candle and pretty chinese matches, favourite perfumes, body cream and my necklaces}
{inside my dressing table drawers. Hemp handcream, lipgloss, matt clay for my hair, bobby pins, swarkovski earrings, DKNY watch, headbands and wooden massage thingy}
{and this drawer I keep my emergency tissues, my glassses, spare phone, filofax and eyemask, various purses and receipts}


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