Lessons in domestic goddestry

102 Needlework
Karen (crafting friend extraordinaire) is tutor for this course.
Today's schedule.

  1. Remove sewing machine (which has been gathering cm's of dust) from top of wardrobe.
  2. Dust the cover, dust the machine itself.
  3. Attach plug and peddle thing.
  4. Discover there is a secret compartment at the side of Sewing Machine. This is where you put the bobbin.
  5. Practice removing and replacing bobbin.
  6. Open lovely (unused) sewing box and take out a cotton reel.
  7. Place on the sewing machine erection (I'm sorry I don't know what it is called yet, spindle?)
  8. Now I can fill up the bobbin by hooking it on the front side. I press the peddle as if I am driving and as if by magic I have a bobbin full of snowy white cotton.
  9. Replace bobbin and I'm ready to begin.
  10. Arm goes up and down. Peddle fast and slow. Wheel turns by hand to raise and drop needle. Check tension. 
  11. 5 minutes later I have one square of cotton fabric edged in running stitch.  Happy face.
Wipe forehead. First mission completed.


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