And on the Ninth Day

She decided enough was enough.... it was time to return to the gym before her bottom became the size of a small country.

My England Athletics Association Membership arrived this morning. It just makes me snort when I look at it. Me? An athlete? Because I joined a local running club it is expected that I also join the Athletics Association. The good news is that there are some welcome benefits for me a) 10% discount at Sweatshop, and b) reduced road race entry fees.

Anyway, I guess this contributed towards my determination to get moving again.  That, and also the thought of all the naughty things I have recently indulged in  (Stollen, cheesecake, melted cheese, donuts.. and ermm.. more)

The snow and ice has kept me indoors and I don't want to risk slipping hence the gym membership. But I don't think I have enough willpower to get on a treadmill 5 days a week. Please weather, warm-up.


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