Beautiful illustrations

Beautiful illustrations inspired by nature by freelancer Yeevon Chan.

Let Me Fly

Let Me Fly
Back to the sky
I wish to see
My dream sunlight


  1. Very good art work, I like this style!

    Now I have got a graphic tablet, I'm back to drawing and digital painting. I'm looking here and there the work of various illustrators, and I didn't know Yeevon Chan. I've bookmarked his website, thanks! :)

    Have I told you that I've been in contact with a French illustrator, David Revoy? He mostly does digital painting, but he's also made 'paper' illustrations for board games or so. Here is his website (in English) :

    He uses exclusively free and open-source software for his work - the same as the one I use - and he's now very famous in the world of digital artists. He's been the concept art director of the open animation movie 'Sintel' (made with the 3D software I'm studying). I followed the blog of the Sintel team almost day by day allong the creation process, and that's by simply emailing David Revoy to ask him some advice, that we've got in touch. Now he's on my personnal who's-who and he regularly advices me whenever I need some tip.

    If you want to see the movie, Sintel, here is its link (it's an open movie, so it's free to download) :


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