Goals for 2011

It's a well known fact that 95% of New Year resolutions are broken by the second week of January. So, I've waited this long before I send these thoughts out to the universe. *takes a deep breath*. Here we go...

Attempt to ski
Get my 5-a-day
Learn to crochet

Dress up in vintage for a 1940s weekend
and ermmm.. continue with 2 or 3 of last year's goals.


  1. - skiing : errrr... never tried, but definitely not for me I assume... broke my left arm at the age of 6, falling off a tree in which I was playing, when I was 14 I had a bad ride with an old bicycle on which brakes broke down when descending fast on a multi-curved road (ended up in a ditch, bike smashed, hit my face on the front wheel, bleeding out, and scratches all over my back for a couple of weeks), and when I turned 32, I broke 3 back ribs of mine when riding a mountain bike!

    - "one should eat at least 5 fruits and vegetables a day to be healthy" they say. Is chocolate a fruit or a vegetable? Fruit I guess... so I've got my 5's!

    - crochet : well, in my honest opinion... try beginning crochetting small curtains maybe? should be easier...

    - 1940s weekend : I have some old combat outfits that I don't wear anymore in my closet, do you want some maybe? (but the sleeves should be a bit too long for you, and boots are worn out but it should help look vintage!)


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