Leeds Kirkgate Market and ribbon shopping

Grade I listed Kirkgate Market
The sun was out today and so I took a lunch time stroll to Leeds Kirkgate Market to buy some ribbon. It has been a while since I visited. Kirkgate is the largest indoor market in Europe with 800 stalls.

It is a feast for all the senses. The smell of cheese, bread, the chatter of shoppers not to mention the beautiful architecture. You have to find a quiet corner and look upwards.
The beautiful iron and glass roof
Kirkgate Market is the spot where our beloved retailer, Marks and Spencer's opened their very first penny Bazaar in 1884.

Shopping for ribbon


  1. Ah!... Leeds and its bunch of commercial centers and galleries! I did enjoy that when I came over some years ago. And guess what, I remember this one, Leeds Market, very well now looking at your photos. I remember the building and its entry, and I appreciated its architecture whether inside or outside. I like that kind of old steel-and-glass layout, like in many old style train stations for instance.

    I miss Leeds in a way looking at these pictures... Lots of good memories. Thanks for sharing the pictures :) I hope I can get back to the UK someday.


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