Catching up

Things that have happened since the 8th of February.

Ro-Ro's welcome picture for Bella (that's an interpretation of a red igloo)
We adopted Bella the kitten. I am happy to report that she was totally comfy in our house, right from the start. It was also a nice excuse to go shopping. I plundered the local pet store and came back with a magnificently regal kitty-igloo-type bed for her Ladyship.

"To Bella, I hope you like our house. I bet you like the landing (she sleeps at the top of the stairs), from Ro-Ro xx"

February 13th was the 66th anniversary of the Dresden bombing.  Around 20,000 citizens came out in sub-zero temperatures in order to  form a human chain around the city as a defence against a planned neo-Nazi march. 

On February 14th I liked the romantic story about the love token of the late Henri Huet, a celebrated photographer from the Vietnam war, which was found in a jungle in Laos some 3 decades after it had been lost. The medallion of the Virgin Mary was returned to the woman he had loved, Cecile Schrouben.

On the 15th of February I did my first run outdoors after almost two months of a foot injury. Oh boy, my breathing! 40 minutes on the road at a gentle pace. Why do I have to live in such a hilly town?
Happy foot once again


  1. Welcome to kitty Bella - and cool drawing of Rory's by the way :)

    Good you're back to hit the road. This has made me think of a song by Alela Diane called 'Tired Feet'. Here's a video of her singing this song simply, playing her acoustic guitar in Paris, in front of Notre Dame catherdral :


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