Shrek 4 : Forever After

This was our Saturday night movie. Great entertainment and Princess Fiona shows another side to her.


  1. Looks funny, even if I'm not a great Shrek fan - to my mind, the 1st one was good, the sequels a bit like déjà vu. But as a 3D student artist, I always look with attention to any 3D animation coming out.

    By the way, when I say 3D, it's not the 3D mentioned here in this trailer, which refers to stereoscopic technology. In computer graphics jargon, 3D refers to scenes you can create using the 3 dimensions within your computer, i.e. you can then manipulate your objects and cameras to make a final animation or 2D picture. For example, here in Shrek, this is a 3D software used by Dreamworks to make this animation movie, which make it look somewhat realistic (fur, light effects, realistic motion...) but the result is in 2D, like a classic movie (no need to wear specific glasses). Stereoscopic vision is another technology, that you can even use on a 2D picture.

    Anyway, the term "3D" has been used to call this technology because it is commercially more attractive for a large audience, and also because most people don't even know the difference between CG animated movies and classic (paper) animation. But for guys like me, it makes us laugh : "oh they say it is in 3D? but it is already in 3D!"


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