Saturday movie: Cherie

Saturday night movie in bed was spent watching Cherie, a movie directed by Stephen Frears (director of some wonderful movies such as Dangerous Liasions, Grifters, Dirty Pretty Things). Set during the Belle Epoque, Michelle Pfeiffer plays Lea de Lonval, an ageing courtesan who embarks on a love affair with the 19 year old Cherie. To every one's surprise it lasts for six years until the arranged marriage of Cherie to the 18 year old daughter of another celebrated courtesan.  "Cougar" period drama which is based on a book by Collette and it was beautiful to watch but I think it could have been so much better. I like the subject matter of a woman facing up to her fading beauty, abandonment by a lover and the uncertainty of a purpose in later life but I just think it could have been more powerful. But  I'm still interested, and off to read the book instead. 


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