What a beautiful day! A free morning means visiting the new coffee shop that has just opened close to my house and buying spring bedding plants for the window boxes and tubs.
Watching the world drive by
Hazelnut latte of course ^^
Window box for the front of the house
We filled it with ivy, colourful primroses and pansies. 
My front door
One hanging basket
Grow little flowers, grow


  1. Spring is popping up here as well, it's getting warmer and warmer and the sun is shining up a bright blue sky! :)

    I'm also thinking of new flowers to set up on my balcony, to give company to my white roses. I've started by buying a pack of seeds to grow decorative sunflowers (with many warm colors : yellow of course but also red, orange...). I have to wait until April to plant them. It'll be the first time I grow flowers starting from seeds, so I hope it'll work! For these plants flowers will appear in July and stay on till October.


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