Most loved children's book

My lovely friend Karen cleared out her bookshelves (lucky girl has bought a Kindle) and  offered me the Ann of Green Gables trilogy. I can't wait to spend a Sunday morning re-reading these lovely books. Which  children's book gives you fond memories?


  1. "The Jungle Book" (Kipling), "Blauvogel" (Jürgen) & "Der schlaue Urfin und seine Holzsoldaten" (Wolkow)


  2. "Le Petit Prince" ("The Little Prince") by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry is the one that carries me back to my very early years. I guess this should be the first litterature book I read, even before going to school. And maybe the book I've re-read the most in my life, at different ages, which made me realize how great litterature is this story that looks so simple and childish at first sight but with such a message deep inside. My dad had a grand format edition that I remember I spent hours just looking at the author's aquarelles inside, even before knowing how to read. A great book, great momories of my childhood and life.


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