Saturday adventure ride : Edge of the Yorkshire Dales

Today we felt like doing something a bit different. I knocked up a quick picnic, loaded the bikes on top of the car and set off for Gargrave in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales.

All I can say that it turned into something like an iron-man test of endurance despite the online description "easy".  The dales are not called dales for nothing.. up-down-up-down on loose stone tracks. The great thing was being off road for virtually all of the 10 mile route (well done Bigger boy!) . We used unmarked bridleways, canal towpaths and silent country lanes.

4 hours later.. just time for hot chocolate and toasted teacakes before bed. Both boys asleep within five minutes of their heads touching their pillows. :)

Picnic ready

Loose stone bridleways

The church at Bell Busk

A bridge on top of another bridge, East Marton

Expedition over and still smiling 


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