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Camelot - Teaser Trailer Starz [VO|HQ]

A new spin on the Arthurian legend from production company Starz (responsible for one of my favourites, Spartacus). The cast includes Eva Green as Morgan and Joseph Fiennes as Merlin. 


  1. Eva Green is a great actress, I really liked her performance in 'Kingdom of Heaven'. This looks like a good production. Hope it'll be exported here.

    We've had a funny series about king Arthur here, called 'Kaamelott'. It was a series of short videos, with a humour à la Monthy Python :D Here is the official website (but don't trust the layout that looks serious, because the content is not at all!) :

  2. Oh I forgot, dealing with King Arthur : the very last time I went to England, in June 2004, I stayed in Southampton (where I visited the Sptifire/Aviation museum there), and I also went to Winchester. This pretty nice medieval city, - which reminded me of York by the way - was, according to my travel guide book, the ancient capital of England circa the Arthur era, and some say that that historical Arthur may have lived there, or at least it inspired the legend and Camelot town. Also, there I visited the Winchester Cathedral which is very old and the longest cathedral in Europe. And guess where I pick-nicked for lunch? In the catherdal cemetery, on... an aged old grave! For French, this could be a blasphema, or even rude for those who don't believe in God. But I noticed all tourists and locals were having lunch there this way, so I decided to do so! What also surprised me in a good way is that the place was all clean : everone was respectful and didn't leave any trash around.

    That's all for my little anecdote :)


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