Time to take out the paint roller

The summer holidays have started and I've got a full itinerary of things to keep the boys occupied over the next six weeks.
However I also have to find time to do a spot of decorating. The littler man will be starting Reception class this Autumn and his new teachers will be calling round at our house for 20 minutes  to meet him again before the new year school begins.
*GULP* We (fingers crossed) have got over the drawing on walls and ripping the lovely curly bits of wallpaper-from-the landing stage. So the summer project is to prepare the landing walls and redecorate the boys bedroom. They want to swap their small boy beds for bunks but can't decide on a theme for their room - pirates, space, dinosaurs, seaside, cowboys? There are so many fun ideas it is just too bad that their Mum has a phobia of cartoon/movie characters. Sorry boys there will be no Ben10 bedroom for you :(

4 years ago. This is the room that needs updating.
Ideas -Brights (but a little too "my parents are graphic designers")
I like the colour scheme

Gorgeous, old fashioned, too sissy?
Modern, tidy, like it.

And for my stairs I thought doing something very simple; wood, white and art.


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