Beach huts

A row of vivid ice-cream coloured huts next on the beach. The sky might be azure blue or more than likely than not tinged with grey. But who cares? That's the appeal of a beach house - living in one small room is the closest thing to desert island living in our not so desert-like island. Its romantic and cute and  has just enough room to make a cup of tea, change out of your swimming costume, eat a simple dinner and  a safe haven when there's a rain shower (a good possibility of that happening).

So how much will a little slice of beach hut living cost you you might wonder?
Apparently they regularly fetch prices of around £30,000 in popular resorts. Incredible especially when you take into account that you're not even allowed to sleep in them.

I like the idea of renting one for a weekend perhaps a National Trust hut in beautiful Llanbedrog, North Wales £15 per day or the Yorkshire coast Scarborough has some for rent for £30 per day in high season.
I wonder which has the best fish and chips?


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