I'm back

Wow, what a busy few weeks I've had.
I had a weekend away and saw a pack of wolves (my favourite wild animals) and ate some cake. Summer arrived suddenly (for one week we had temperatures of 27-29 degrees) and  the car was repaired. We took a day trip to Pateley Bridge, in  North Yorkshire.  What's special about this picturesque little town? Well.. it just happens to contain the oldest sweet shop in England. Of course that is all the incentive I need to stock up. I treated myself to a tin of  Harrogate toffee and a good supply of sherbet lemons, the perfect energy booster for our walk. 

Oh and I got out for my first run (6.5km gentle pace) since my hip injury (last attempt was April 2nd) and felt fine.  Thank goodness for that!


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