As you might have already guessed I'm quite fond of cheese. Whenever I visit somewhere new I feel compelled to search out and try the local cheeses.
This lunch time we were sitting at the table with a very simple but delicious light meal of sliced baguette, Le Roule, a mature cheddar and my absolute no.1 cheese (for the last 5 years) Saint Agur. It is so delicious and quite wicked as it is made with a lot of cream. This gives a delightfully mild and less salty flavour as compared to other blue cheeses.

After I searched for which region Saint Agur is made, (the mountain area of Auvergne in central France) I got a ping of inspiration.  I want to add a new goal next year - to try and blog as many of the  350-400 official  varieties of French cheeses as I can. What do you think? I guess it will take a good few years and a fair number of trips. Oh well... :)


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