A white garden

The good thing about living in a doll sized house is that the garden tends to be of the same bijoux proportions. Just as well because I love flowers and errmm.. they're a bit pricey aren't they?  I don't even have a lawn but use large containers and have  raised beds at the sides. When I run out of room on the ground I utilise the walls with climbers (so far I have clematis, hydrangea and some pretty variegated creeper which I haven't found the name for yet).  Now we are into June and the danger of frost has gone I started with my little space at the front of the house.

My first thought was to go patriotic and do a red, white and blue scheme this year.  But, well... dare I say it but I'm a little bit weary of the good old Union Jack being  EVERYWHERE (and I mean everywhere!).

I've chosen instead, an all white scheme. Taking my lovely climbing hydrangea as inspiration  I put a large, showy white hydrangea for outside the front door, a smart galvanised metal pot for it, and some cheerful marguerites and snowy white geraniums in pots climbing up the steps. It should look just as lovely in the moonlight as well I hope.
What do you think of single coloured gardens? Boring or calming?

Climbing hydrangea

Window box inspiration

Hooray for hostas

Possibly the most famous white garden in the world?  Sissinghurst 


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