Fragrance quest

Are you loyal to one or a bit of a tart? I'm talking fragrance, by the way!
I've been wearing Shiseido Relaxing fragrance for about nine years now without switching to any other perfume. I bought it on a weekend trip to Paris at my favourite department store, Le Bon Marché. I was instantly drawn to the slim, elegant frosted green bottle and the green and floral scent was very refreshing. Unfortunately it has now been discontinued - so what's a girl to do?
For the last few months and whenever I've had some free minutes I've been prowling the beauty counters testing two perfumes at a time.  Now finally it looks my search is over.... 

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. I'm not one for celebrity scents but this one grabbed me from the first moment. It is so feminine, classic and romantic and light.  Lovely!


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