Sport on the high street

Have you noticed that many high street fashion stores are starting their own sportswear range? It can only be a good thing. I especially like the look of H&M's Sports Collection and the flattering lines of Davina McCall for Next.

Talking of shopping, did you know that you can burn 100 calories for an hour of shopping activity? That can only be a good thing.

At the moment I'm thinking about the months ahead and wondering if there is anything I need to buy for the Autumn/Winter. I think, all I need is a new pair of running shoes, another pair of capri leggings and maybe a pair of trail shoes as well. I've joined my local authorities sports centre and think I will be doing much of my winter training indoors. It is also much cheaper than a private gym and for just £22 per month I have the use of  the gym and pool whenever I like.

Talking of exercising,  I feel as if I haven't had much time recently to exercise as much as I'd like. I keep telling myself that there is no harm in laying off the intensity every few months. And that goes for most things in life  as well as running.

H&M spin class capris 

Flattering kick flare style leggings and longline technical top.


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