How was your weekend?
I spent a lot of mine decorating. Or should I say, preparing to decorate. Nobody told me the prep work takes twice as long as the actual "decorating part". First I went shopping in the DIY store, which is quite an alarming place for a rookie. I sugar soaped all the walls and dusted the ceiling. This evening I finished painting the ceiling a lovely shade of soft pink. What a shame by tomorrow morning my ceiling will have transformed from soft pink to brilliant white. Isn't that clever?

I do this because my kitchen is looking a bit tired and sad. I have a multitude of knocks on the walls from bikes being brought  in and out. I have flooring that was chewed up a naughty Cocker Spaniel puppy. My kitchen certainly deserves a make-over. Can you help me decide on a colour scheme? The units, worktops and appliances have to stay but can we talk wall colours, accent colours, accessories and flooring?

Maple units, black worktops and stainless steel oven

How about a light colour on the walls and a darker floor?

The original house kitchen range circa 1900 is staying. I need something that goes with black. 
This is my inspiration so far.. pale walls, plants, citrus accents and steel. What do you think?
Original dark red colour


White white with a darker floor?

Apple green?

Or something else? A fun way of trying out different colour schemes if you don't have a program like Photoshop is the paint colour visualiser over at Sherwin-Williams. Just upload a photograph of your room and try hundreds of different colour schemes.


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