Days that make you go GRRRRRRRR

A card was left by the postman when I got home yesterday. He had tried to deliver a package to me while I was at work and it was now back at the depot.

SO this morning I woke up crazy early, got the boys ready for school, breakfast, hang washing outside and took the boys to their father's house, and  then set off 3 miles in the opposite direction to work.

(Grumble alert : this is what bugs me about Britain - you can only collect your parcels at ridiculous times of the day.. between 6.45 am  to 12.30 lunch time.  Hello... people have jobs)

Anyway, I took my place in the queue and was admirably patient. Until that is, the moment when the postman took one look at my delivery card and apologized "I'm very sorry but we are very short staffed. All the mail in your area was brought back yesterday and is in one huge pile on the floor and still unsorted. Would you like us to deliver it to your house tomorrow?

I'm racking my brain trying to think what I have bought by mail order? Did I win something? Anway, I'll know tomorrow (fingers crossed).
Yes please!


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