Politics: Take the boobs out of the news

Some say its a national institution and that it is as British as fish and chips and cups of tea. What am I referring to? The young ladies wearing only their knickers on page 3 of a daily newspaper.

Sorry, but naked breasts have no place in a "family" newspaper. Please sign the petition and get rid of this silly, outdated and offensive to women tradition.
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  1. Signed! Stop treating women like merchandise - that's what I wrote to answer "Why is it so important to you?". I love women, I'm a man who does like boobs but in private only. I don't mind when it's artistic instance, but then it's not the same context and not the same public! A woman's body is a delight for a man like me, but not when it's considered as meat : gentlemen still exist and I'm part of them, and this macho world should wake up and understand that women deserve more respect.

    That being said, thanks for the link Ally! ;)

  2. Why don't they sell this newspaper in my country? sighs*


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