New magazine publication : The Simple Things

I picked up this new magazine publication today while I collecting a few bits from the supermarket. I have to say I am very impressed and am probably going to make use of the £5 subscription offer. What is it about? As the title says, it is all about enjoying the simple things in life.

"The Simple Things is a new magazine celebrating the things that matter most. Featuring a gorgeous blend of interiors, gardening, cookery, lifestyle and crafts, The Simple Things is about taking time to enjoy the simple pleasures in life – a walk in the country, making a warm inviting home, sharing food with loved ones, gardening, traditions worth reviving and memories worth cherishing.
It’s about knowing that there’s no satisfaction like that at the end of a long muddy walk, no pink so pretty as freshly-cut rhubarb, no perfume to compare with your own home-grown flowers. It’s keeping your dad’s old typewriter just because it’s beautiful. It’s an empty beach on a Sunday morning. It’s backpedaling. It’s the Simple Things."

My city 

And the deciding factor for me : the cheese article


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