Skyfall style

Bond wearing Tom Ford 
 Last weekend I watched Skyfall and absolutely loved it. Surely it is the best Bond movie ever. The costume designer for the movie was Jany Temime best known for her work on the Harry Potter movies. I'm sure you will agree that she did a fantastic job with the Bond actors - classic yet ultra sexy.

Classic Barbour "X to Ki To"

A real dragon lady - stunning tattoo backed dress with an amazing 60,000 Swarovski crystals
Perfect sleepwear for the ultimate Femme Fatale
I adore this outfit worn by Eve
Shining Eve
'M' style

The ultimate red dress - want, want, want
Oh, and if anyone was wondering, Silva's strange deserted island? Well I discovered it really does exist. It is Hashima Island, just off the coast of Japan and was once the most densely populated places on earth. This artificially built island housed an incredible 5000 people in its 400 x 160m area.
Here's a fascinating documentary about the island.


  1. Fantastic, indeed! I’m glad to see that it didn’t lose the classic yet ultra-sexy identity of the characters, thanks to the incredible skills of the costume designer. The suits are impressive, but still within reach. Any men could draw an inspiration from the movie’s impeccable wardrobe style, and would still be dressed realistically.

    Howard Crist @ Hidalgo Brothers


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