Getting your five-a-day on a budget

Grocery shopping is costing a lot more these days isn't it? According to the government's annual Family Food Survey, we have bought 10% less fruit and veg since 2007. Instead we have filled our shopping trolleys with cheaper, less healthy foods.
So, is there anything we can we do to stay on budget and keep healthy? 

  • Keep a fruit bowl and snack on fruit and vegetables rather than crisps and chocolate. An apple from the market costs around 25p while a chocolate bar will set you back 60p. 
  • Don't buy fruit and vegetables from convenience stores - the market is always cheapest, and then the supermarket. Also, buying loose rather than pre-packaged is almost always cheaper.
  • Try tinned or frozen. Did you know that canned or frozen is just as good for you? In some cases they can even be more healthy! For example tinned tomatoes and tomato soup are the best sources of the antioxidant lycopene. Choose foods preserved in water or fruit juice rather than brine and syrup.


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