Catching up

Wow, I've been so busy these last 10 days. Here's what I've been up to...

1) On the Witchfinder General's trail. Exploring the area surrounding Pendle Hill, Lancashire, looking for evidence of Britain's most famous witches.  The location of Malkin Tower, where the 16 witches held their infamous coven in 1612 has perhaps been unearthed near Lower Black Moss Reservoir, near the village of Barley. The ruins of a 17th century cottage was discovered, complete with the remains of a mummified cat which had been trapped in between the stone walls.

2) Cheese tasting. I've been breakfasting like a queen with Canadian bison salami, Yorkshire chorizo, Jurassic d’Été Affiné made from unpasteurised cow's milk from the Jura mountains of France, a garlic cheese from the Spreewald area of Brandenburg, Germany, and a delicious soft cheese called Altenburger Ziegenkäse which is peppered with caraway seeds inside. Scrummilicious!
3)  I'm  in the middle of painting my living room. The ceiling, coving, ceiling rose, picture rail, walls and now one door frame have been completed. Still to do over the next week are the radiator, 2 doors, another door frame and skirting boards.

I visited Ikea and came back with this merry little bundle. Adore the butterfly print it looks so nice in situ.
4) I made a jam sandwich and not the usual type either, a cute silicon sponge cake sandwich mold on sale from Lakeland. I filled it with cream and strawberry jam but I'm thinking Nutella would be pretty darn tasty too.

5) A day trip to Harrogate to look for living room art ideas, and a spot of afternoon tea.
Easter chocolate heaven - Betty's Tearoom

Perhaps Caroline Shotton's Elizabeth I
6) Then of course it was Mother's Day, the 4th Sunday in Lent. We celebrated by having a good old Sunday  roast dinner with my childhood favourite butterscotch Angel Delight for pud. I have a sweet collection of painted egg cups now and llittle home made cards on my bedroom mantelpiece.
Bad grammar can be cute


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