St David's Day March 1st

Google's doodle for today - very clever :)
March 1st is St David's Day, the national saint of Wales. Traditionally you wear either a leek or a daffodil pinned to their clothing.
That's it.
Wales isn't Ireland.

Anyway, this year I bought bunches of daffodils to bring a cheerful burst to my kitchen table.

Here in celebration of all things Welshy so let me give you 5 examples (in my opinion) of the best things to come out of Wales.

76 years old and a national treasure, Shirley Bassey
Mount Everest . Well, George Everest the geographer  whom the mountain is named after was a Welshman.
Anthony Hopkins
The Frenchies have Croque Monsieur and we have.. Welsh Rarebit.
Aneurin Bevan - the architect of Britain's  free National Health Service.


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