Cheese of the month : Finnish "Oltermanni" and "Kolatun Ruska"

I have two new cheeses to note this month. The first is Oltermanni which is said to be quite similar to Danish Havarti cheese. Matured for at least one month, it is creamy and mild both in appearance and taste with a delicate almost lace-like texture. A good choice for the breakfast table, we ate it with a selection of cold meats and walnut bread.

The second cheese is Kolatun Ruska which, when I used a translator says it is a "fried egg cheese". With a little digging around I found this simple and delicious sounding recipe which I will try out tomorrow.
Oh yes, and egg is really added to the curd during the cheese making process.

The recipe for eating is:

  • Chop cheese into cubes.
  • Add honey to the bottom of a frying pan and then add the cheese. Cook gently until you have a lovely caramel colour. 
  • Tip into a nice glass dish and serve alone or with a good dollop of jam.


  1. Where did you buy the Finnish Oltermanni cheese? I lived off it when I was in Russia but can't find it now I'm back in the UK. Thanks!

  2. Sadly the Otlermanni was a once-off treat direct from Helsinki. As far as I know it can't be found in the UK,more's the pity!


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