Knickers to suit your shape

"Always wear nice underwear in case you have an accident and end up in hospital". Where and who came up with this saying?

Anyway, here's a useful guide to finding knickers that flatter your figure.

Slimmer legs and hips, larger tummy.
Minimise your tummy area with bigger knickers and control panels.
Wear high waisted shapes, girl shorts and french knickers. Channel your inner 1950s screen siren.
Step away from : skimpy, low rise briefs.
Well defined, toned, muscular.
Your mission is to create curves so wear high leg styles with lots of detail pretty lace, animal prints.
Wear : high leg styles with lots of fussy prints and details.
Step away from : sporty, functional styles.

Petite up top and with heavier bottom and hips.
Wear: Low rise knickers will flatter your slimmer top and voluptuous bottom. Go for Brazilian styles.
Step away from: High waisted styles will make your bum look much bigger.
All over small proportions.
Lucky you, you can wear most knicker styles.
Wear high leg styles and anything you fancy.
Step away from leg shortening boy shorts.


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