Movie : Grave of the fireflies

How could I have not seen this movie before?  I can't think of enough positive adjectives to describe this wonderful 1988 Japanese animation from Studio Ghibli. Let me begin with heart-aching, touching, visually beautiful, emotionally engaging and powerful. Yes, you will probably need a box of tissues but please don't let that put you off. It is not at all depressing like some movies I have seen (I have Biutiful in mind right now)

The story follows an orphaned Japanese brother and sister and their struggle during the last few weeks of the Second World War.

Although director Isao Takahata did not intentionally mean for it to be an anti-war anime, Grave of the Fireflies nonetheless portrays the reality of conflict -  who really suffers most in times of war, the innocent and vulnerable.

Note: Best watched in Japanese with English subtitles. The little girl, Setsuko's voice in English just can't compare with the Japanese for 4 year old expression.


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