Travel : The Lambton Worm Walk

I might have mentioned before that I would really like to buy a National Trust membership. If anything, it forces you to see more of the beauty sights in your local area and further afield.

The next time I am up further north in Sunderland I want to do this walk. I think kids big and small would appreciate a cool story to go along with their walk.
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The Lambton Worm Walk

Once, a long time ago, the Lambton family lived in a castle. One Sunday morning, the youngest Lambton boy went fishing. He sat all day long and didn't anything not even the tiniest little fish. He was so angry that he turned around and cursed the river with all his bad temper. No sooner had he done so, he felt a little tug on the end of his fishing line. Pulling it up, he discovered a peculiar looking black worm at the end of his fishing hook.  En route back to his castle he threw this worm into the village well.

Over the years this peculiar looking worm grew and grew. The villagers started to become sick with the water from this well and one morning they opened their front doors to find a fully grown black dragon in the village square. The youngest Lambton son realised that this must have been the worm he had thrown into the well. Bravely, he called it by blowing his hunting horn, ready to kill it. However, he was told that a terrible curse would fall upon his family for nine generations if he killed the dragon. The only way around the curse was to kill the first alive thing he could see after he had slain the dragon.

At sunrise the next morning, the young Lambton lord told all the villagers to stay indoors and not to come out until he had given them the all-clear signal. He blew his hunting horn, calling the dragon and managed to cut off the dragon's head with his sword.   Overjoyed at the sight of his son slaying the dragon, the Lambton father came running out of the castle to embrace his son. He had forgotten the curse. The young Lambton looked at his father and realised that he could not take his father's life.

And so, the curse was averted. And for nine generations, the Lambton's did not die quietly.


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