Winter is coming.....

I confess I have been rather quiet lately and part of that reason is... I've been glued to the screen watching back to back episodes of Game of Thrones. I've gone through Season 2 and am now on the penultimate episode of Season 3.

I am totally addicted and have the whole series loaded onto my Kindle. Do you watch? Who's your favourite character?

Take this quiz and find out which Game Of Thrones family house you belong to.
I am Dothraki apparently :)

New character, Missandei (played by British actress Nathalie Emmanuel) is so lovely and beautiful and speaks 19 different languages fluently. Pfff I struggle so much with learning one other and German is hardly High Valyrian..

Top 5 hot men of Game of Thrones 
No.5 Ned Stark. A great father, husband and the most honourable man of Westeros.
no.4 Bronn. Yes, he's a total scoundrel and but those rugged looks and steely blue eyes...
no. 3 Jorah Mormont. The classic knight - brave, kind and protective. Doesn't this  man really knows how to rock a beard?
no.2 Robb Stark. So similar to his father but he followed his heart rather than do his duty. *swoon
no.1 Jon Snow. He has no name but his tortured soul, perfect hair, not to mention those abs of steel...


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