Cheese progress

One of my 2013 goals was to try 50 new cheeses. Isn't that such a hard task?? :)
I think I have almost got to the end of my quest and here are a few of my recent dairy tastings.

1) First up we have a Rougette "triple creme" soft cheese with a distinctive orangey/red washed rind. I first took this for a French cheese but in fact it is Bavarian German. Although the rind has been washed 5 times it is not as pungent as some other recent cheeses I have tasted. A very nice alternative to Brie for your cheese slate if you can find it :)

2) And now something a bit harder. We found this in a little cheese shop across the road from the Blue Wonder (Blaues Wunder). To be honest, of course I was going to try this cheese, it's name is Heidi. Don't you remember that wonderful children's series from the late 70's?
Swiss cheese, semi hard and slightly tangy - makes a great sandwich.

3) Applewood smoked cheddar. Originating from Ilchester, Somerset this semi-hard cheese was first created in 1965. The smoky taste comes from a flavouring so it doesn't overpower the cheddar. The cheese is then rolled in a mild paprika which gives it that lovely golden-amber appearance. Perfect for Autumn. Availability - found at all the main UK supermarkets.


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