Typhoon Haiyan

It is so awful and upsetting to see the thousands of desperate families left with no food, electricity, clean water or shelter. My heart goes out to the people affected especially when I saw pictures of a newborn baby born in a makeshift shelter at the destroyed airport. 

Good news that I just heard that the British government will match pound for pound the money donated by the British people for the emergency relief of the Philippine disaster up to a total of £5 million. And in just a few hours we have already surpassed £1.5 million. Yay! So much for the idea of people being more hard hearted these days!

This new support will bring a total of £15 million in aid from the UK. 
You can donate via paypal, cheque, card or mobile phone direct to DEC (Disasters Emergency Committee) or via any one of the 14 member charities.

And around the world... International aid pledged so far* (source taken from BBC news)

Australia: Aus$10m ($9.4m; £5.8m), including medical personnel
China: $100,000 (£60,000)
European Commission: 3m euros (£2.5m; $4m)
Indonesia: Aircraft, personnel, drinking water, food, generators, medicine
Japan: $10m, 25 emergency medical personnel
New Zealand: NZ$2.15m (£1.1m)
Taiwan: $200,000
UK: £10m ($15m) non-food aid package
UN: central emergency relief fund: $25m
US: $20m with at least 180 marines and sailors, transporter planes, emergency food, water, shelter and hygiene materials
Vietnam: $100,000

*This list is not comprehensive

Ermm is it just me or do you think China's $100,000 is mean spirited? The world's 2nd largest economy too. Hmmm


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