Gourmet weekend in Dresden

One of the best parts of visiting another country is tasting all the wonderful local food and drink. It being Mr L's birthday weekend we have feasted. Here are the highlights.

1) Saxon Sauerbraten is a wonderfully delicious slow-cooked roast beef dish. The beef is marinated for several days in a mixture of vinegar, herbs, spices and seasonings which makes for such a lovely almost melt-in-the-mouth texture.

2) Then out for dinner at Winter's Steak House in the Neustadt. Really, it was the best steak and chips I've eaten.

3) And now for something sweet... Dresden Eierschecke.
I confess everytime I am here I HAVE to eat it. It is a cool, layered  cake (egg custard cake) with a sponge bottom, a creamy middle layer (sometimes with sultanas) and a golden top layer made with the egg custard.

4) And to drink..
It being Christmas, wandering around the Streizelmarkt and stopping for a Gluhwein.


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