In the bedroom

What should I do with the wall space above my headboard? While I'm off work till 7th January it's a good time to do a bit more decorating.

This is my room now and as you can see it's quite bare. The wall behind my bed has been painted with a deep plum colour and the other walls and (soon to be) woodwork are neutral.

The blanket box and headboard are staying with everything else being replaced.

My ideas so far...

  • Fill the area with a mish-mash of pretty frames, mirrors and pictures that I've collected over the last few years. 

This bedroom is so pretty I want to jump on that bed
Idea no.2. Release my inner princess and have a canopy over my bed.
It would have to incorporate fairy lights 

  • Indulge my love of cartography

Cartography and fairy lights go together like tea and chocolate hobnobs

  • I think this idea is quite easy to achieve and sweet. Pretty postcards hanging from fairy lights.


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