It's a Wonderful Life

How was your weekend?  I had the the perfect Christmas treat with my bestie - a long, relaxed lunch followed by a trip to the Hyde Park Picture House to watch It's a Wonderful Life. Oh that movie....I love it so much and sobbed unashamedly into my emergency tissues. At the end the whole audience spontaneously burst into applause which was sooo lovely. I can't believe that a movie made in 1946 still has the power to move. George Bailey must surely be the best Hollywood hero ever created.

Here are our lunch-time photos taken by the lovely photographer and intrepid explorer, Miss M. Watch out Alfred's Plateau! ^^
The Olive Tree at Headingley

Deep fried whitebait to start with Greek dips and warmed flat bread


Pudding was a Greek/British trifle made with apricots, egg custard and sprinkled with pistachio nuts. Ooops! We were too greedy and forgot to take a photo.


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