Friday night supper : Kendell's Bistro

I don't know what it is but I don't seem to get on with French food and it must be because I choose the wrong dishes on the menu. Kendell's Bistro has had such glowing, wonderful reviews from everyone I have spoken to and has won a heap of awards. The atmosphere was magical and perfect for a romantic meal. You could almost believe you were in Paris albeit with friendlier waiters (sorry Paris) The lighting is all soft fairy lights and candles with wall lamps for the blackboard menu.

However, I was a bit disappointed with my dish. We chose from the Tea Time menu (great value at £17.95 for 2 courses and £19.95 for 3, or £26.95 for 3 courses and half bottle of wine each)  and I ordered the chicken breast with tagliatelle in a bacon cream sauce. Well, for starters I have a mild aversion to all white food (I don't know why,  I just do). I know the chicken breast was cooked so tender that it seemed to melt in the mouth but with the skin on it tasted just that bit jelly-like and the same texture as the tagliatelle - slippery. A big no-no for me. Dessert for me was the Tarte au Citron which was beautifully presented and with a crisp glaze on the top but again I thought it was a touch too gum-stripping sour for my tastebuds.

BUT, Min's dishes were wonderful. She had the salmon en croute, with rosemary garlic potatoes, carrot mash and green beans tied with bacon. And for pudding she tapped on the crust of the most delicious creme-brulee.

Will I be going back? Yes I'm going back for another crack and this time, "I want what she's having".
No menus on the tables, just a pair of binoculars to read from the blackboard. Cute touch :)



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