Day tripping : A real life Willy Wonka factory (Cadbury's World)

As far as I'm concerned you can keep your fancy-pants expensive Continental chocolates. When the going gets tough.. just give me a purple bar :)

I think I was far more excited than the boys about this trip but hey-ho. She who pays, rules.
The exhibition tells you about the history of chocolate, it's introduction into Britain, The Cadbury familly, a tour of the factory, watching master chocolatiers at work, a cute little ride for the toddlers, stuffing ourselves with free chocolate as we walk around, oh, and an adventure play ground for the kids.

These are my highlights..

 REALLY excited  when I saw this sign

A display in the gift shop


The factory

As much use as a chocolate teapot?  Too pretty to eat.

Teapot decorating

To add to my tea towel collection

Before there were motorways for transporting chocolate...

The Quaker Cadbury family created a model village for their employees. 


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