Make rain your friend

What to wear on your run : Spring rain

It's getting a bit warmer outside (it's around 10 degrees outside) but you're probably going to get wet. Don't worry, you're not going to catch a cold as viruses are transmitted via people not the weather. Just make sure that you get straight into a hot shower and out of wet clothes as soon as you return home. Oh, and never wear cotton. It soaks up water and sweat like a sponge, which feels absolutely disgusting.

Of course you need to start with the undies
Breathable base layer NOT made of cotton.
I like capris best in Spring and Summer
If its really throwing it down outside and windy too, wear a lightweight polyester jacket this one.
A baseball style hat will stop the rain pelting into your eyes.
Blister resistant non-cotton socks

How to dry your running shoes
Store them in a warm, dry place and stuff them with newspaper. They'll need a couple of days to dry and never, ever be tempted to put them in the tumble dryer - you'll damage them.


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